how-to do a career workshop

resume review

I worked really hard doing this event and I’m writing out the various steps in the hopes that it will encourage students at my school to continue doing this. Last year, I learned about the GSA Lectures Fund while serving as the Treasurer for the Graduate Student Association at Catholic University. Because I didn’t have … [Read more…]

party photos!


One of my new year’s resolutions is to THROW MORE PARTIES (and, to update my blog more, OBVIOUSLY). A semi-related resolution: DOCUMENTING MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS. It kind of hurts that I don’t have photos of a lot of the stuff I’ve done (things that come to mind: most of my church programs, reorganizing ex-boyfriend’s bedrooms, reorganizing … [Read more…]

goals for 2016

I’m hitting the ground running. My term on the SLA Government Information Division board begins January 1. I’m having a house party January 2nd. On January 16, I’m doing a career workshop at CUA. The weekend of January 22 is our book sale at the Mount Pleasant Library! On February 12th, I’m moderating a panel … [Read more…]

stupid fast chicken “cacciatore”

I’ve read some pretty awful Vice articles recently by broke children who apparently don’t know how to cook and who think Blue Apron, Soylent, and MealSquares are a good deal. Obviously I need to pitch an article on #pressurecookers for #millenials, because apparently no one knows how to do it. Also, there need to be … [Read more…]

my new job, some thoughts on CIOs, and a free email archiving solution –

My agency was recognized by NARA in their Senior Agency Official for Records Management Annual Report Analysis as one of several federal agencies “that appear to have robust and comprehensive approaches to meeting [email storage requirements outlined in the Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18), aka “The Directive”]. The information contained here may prove useful to … [Read more…]

writing more

My friend Ray advised me that if I don’t update my blog more, “people will think I’m a slacker,” so I want to think, with you, dear reader, about why I haven’t been writing. I’ve been really tempted lately to try to take this space in a more personal direction, so I’m going to try … [Read more…]

some notes on last night’s dinner

I have had some Costco triumphs before (feeding 50 people breakfast and lunch for $300) but I felt pretty good about feeding 6 people for $30 in an hour. You can buy a pretty substantial rack of pre-seasoned ribs at Costco for about $20. I had a vague notion that if I put ribs in … [Read more…]

Data mapping for public libraries

I’m featured in an article in Proquest’s “Strategic Library” newsletter about public librarians who use PolicyMap’s awesome software to gain insights about the communities they serve. Thanks for the shout out to PGCMLS, Trudie! I’ve really enjoyed working with you.    

library dashboards in Google Sites

selfcheck graphs

I just submitted a proposal to the 2016 edition of the Collective, so I’m finally getting around to putting screenshots of my baby on here. Our public library collects usage statistics at 19 branches. Staff use our Intranet, or a desktop shortcut to our Google forms, to collect our daily program attendance, visitor count, and reference transactions. … [Read more…]