trip to Columbus, OH


I’ve written before about my interest in Unitarian Universalism. I was having some interpersonal issues at church that almost made me walk away from the congregation to avoid drama, but, decided to do a thing I sometimes do, where I put a question to the universe and try to listen for an answer. In this … [Read more…]

what I want to be writing about –

I have been doing a lot of work lately trying to picture what I want for myself (the answer: a house with room for a garden, that’s within a 40-minute bike ride of most places I’d like to work in the DC area. Also: a dog, and a beehive). It’s not hard to imagine jobs … [Read more…]

lighthouse, with papillon.


went to Stomping Ground for breakfast, and I couldn’t put my camera away for the rest of the day. the light made everything look so beautiful on my screen. and little esposito is so hard to capture…. I even took some halfway decent selfies….(note: my skin DID NOT LOOK THIS GOOD IRL) this is how … [Read more…]

Young Souls bike ride!

Religion isn’t something that I really write about, and I think a lot of people who know me might be surprised to learn that I absolutely believe in an Abrahamic G-d. I’ve been interested in Unitarian Universalism since 9th grade, when I met my very dear friend, Katie Tyson, who was as true an embodiment … [Read more…]


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.48.19 AM

If you’ve known me for any period of time, you know that I’m pretty evangelical about two things: bike commuting and reusable menstrual supplies. I decided a long time ago that those two things would be my causes, as in, the things I would actively try to convince my friends to adopt. So, of course … [Read more…]

home roasting!


My friend Tim told me that you can get really decent coffee roasts with a popcorn popper, so naturally I had to check this out. Here’s a good write-up from Sweet Maria’s on how to do it. Tim says that the key is to get one where the heating mechanism is on the bottom, so, … [Read more…]

The Collective: best conference ever


Post will be updated with more words. In the meantime, some photos. Conference started out strong. Plenary session involved making us play a selection of board games with total strangers: Went to a library improv session led by Jill Markgraf (@jillibrarian). The idea that “yes, and” can be the defining attitude in a reference interview … [Read more…]

notes from The Collective


I went down to Knoxville for The Collective conference this weekend, and I am so honored to have been among this particular group of presenters. This conference was an absolute highlight of my time in “traditional” libraries. The attendees at all the sessions I went to asked fantastic questions, and our presentation was no exception. … [Read more…]

Bibliodiscotheque vol. 1


A few months ago, I stumbled across a Facebook event via my friend Elaine. “Wow, DC needs one of these,” I told Elaine, and hollered at DCLA. Bobbie Dee put out the call and got a kickass committee together to make it real. Our wonderful friend Diana offered to lend us her DJ equipment and … [Read more…]

One-pot salmon with broccoli and peppers


A busy weekend (my first time doing volunteer tax prep! Was super busy and chaotic but I’m pretty sure I got these returns done without messing up anyone’s life. And, the library book sale! Plus, DJ training for BIBLIODISCOTHEQUE!) capped off by a great meal with my friend Rachel. I buy salmon that’s frozen in … [Read more…]