Not long after my last blog post about how I was planning to buy a house in 2018, the perfect house for me came on the market. I am scheduled to close on September 30th! I’m very grateful to my colleagues at the Access Board for referring me to Rick Carroll. I also worked with Ellen Czaplewski for a number of months before narrowing my search to single family homes in Prince George’s County. I really appreciated Ellen’s creativity. My friend James Kim has also recently set up shop as a realtor, and I was sad not to be able to engage a former classmate for this transaction.

I don’t want to share pictures until I’ve taken some of my own – I want to make an earnest effort not to have my address show up TOO easily on Google – but I LOVE the house. The only thing that could make it better was if the lot was just a touch bigger and had a garage where I could set up a woodworking space….but I guess the trade off is less yardwork, andĀ for now, there’s a community art space with equipment not far from the house….

I am looking forward to getting involved in a community where I know I won’t be priced out, where I know my house won’t be sold from under me, and where there is so much potential. I’ve loved the neighborhood since I spent a year working for PGCMLS at their Hyattsville branch, and it’s getting better all the time: I’m SO thrilled that I was able to buy my house, which is practically ON the Northeast Branch Trail of the Anacostia Tributary System, right before the opening of the connection between Benning Road and the Bladensburg Waterfront Park.

Here are some things I’ve already done:

– Sign up for the waiting list at the PG Pool

– Sign up for WABA’s PG action group

– Sign up for updates about backyard poultry ordinances

– Scope out my local Bikram studio

– Emailed the Hyattsville Library Friends about volunteering

I’m so happy to be finally accomplishing one of my major life goals, and to be moving back to a neighborhood where I feel so at home. This month has been so intense and for the first time in memory (possibly ever?) I have felt like my life is an independently moving THING and I’m just along for the ride. This is a HUGE, LIFE-ALTERING CHANGE, and I’m optimistic that the routines I’ve been working on for the past year are going to support me in this transition. It is so exciting to feel like everything I’ve worked for for the past 10 years are finally paying off. Speaking of 10 years….OMG, as soon as I close on the house (9/30, knock on wood) I have to get back in gear planning my ten-year high school reunion!!!! It never ends! (BUY TICKETS! TELL YOUR FRIENDS.)

More posts soon!

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