big elleSAT news!

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Last week, my company became an official LSAT content licensee. Today, we announced discounted services for students receiving need-based fee waivers from the Law School Admissions Council. It’s been a long-time goal to consistently offer tutoring at the $35/hr price point, and we are continuing to work towards this goal by developing a more formal onboarding process … [Read more…]

major life updates, part II

Readers who follow me on Instagram already know my big news: I started law school! This isn’t exactly a longtime dream, as I have talked myself out of applying to law school for at least the past five years (and maybe closer to ten). Many of my friends and colleagues regretted their decisions to attend and … [Read more…]

major life updates, part I

Since many of my readers are bored at home, I thought I would write a post updating everyone on my life. Regular visitors have probably noticed that I moved to Chicago but I have lots of good news that I have never documented outside of my Instagram. D moved to Chicago at the end of … [Read more…]

redirected aggression in cats

Last week, my cat Magpie bolted out of bed (stepping on my face) at 5:30am. Her abrupt exit was followed by terrified yowling from my cat Bunny. I went downstairs to find Bunny cowering below our china cabinet, with Magpie hissing and glowering and her tail puffed larger than I’ve ever seen it. I removed … [Read more…]

my favorite pools

Since travel is not possible right now, I have been looking at a lot of pictures from previous vacations and thinking about finally writing some of the many blog posts that I took pictures for over the years. I love doing four things on vacation: riding bikes, riding public transportation, visiting libraries (and meeting librarians), … [Read more…]

reflections on the ICRM Certified Records Manager (CRM) certification process

As many of you know, I transitioned from libraries to records management about five years ago. I often advise people wanting to make the switch to pursue certification as an ICRM Certified Records Manager (CRM), but there isn’t a lot online about the process from a first-person perspective. Here is the information I wish I’d … [Read more…]

Moving federal employees out of DC is a good thing (or, “why your intrepid heroine moved to the Midwest”)


I’ve been unhappy with the quality of reporting around the relocation of two Department of Agriculture components (the Economic Research Service (ERS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)) to the Kansas City region. Local news is misreporting this as a headquarters move (it isn’t), and most national reporting is treating this as a Trojan … [Read more…]