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I’m a trained librarian working for the federal government as a records manager. Since 2015, I have worked as a Records and Information Management Specialist for the U.S. Access Board. The Access Board is a small government agency responsible for rule making and technical standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I support a variety of IT functions under the supervision of my agency’s CIO, with an emphasis on our electronic records management program.

My identity and practice as an information professional is a natural extension of my personal commitment to accessibility, inclusion, and open government. You can read more about my accomplishments and current certifications on this site. I also use this site for my personal blog. (I had to get as much leverage as possible out of the only good pun I have ever made.)

I am actively seeking opportunities to work with organizations to assess learning outcomes and usability.

contact me via anita @ anitalife . com

professional interests: 508 compliance, big data, DC history, digitization projects, disability studies, ergonomics, evaluating cultural heritage initiatives, fundraising/grantwriting, government acquisitions and contracting, history of science, inclusive education, informal science education, library management, Montessori, open data, pediatric transition, public health, public libraries, special libraries, transportation

personal interests: acupuncture, bike camping/commuting/touring, bonsai, food preservation, feature writing, hiking