major life updates, part II

Readers who follow me on Instagram already know my big news: I┬ástarted law school! This isn’t exactly a longtime dream, as I have talked myself out of applying to law school for at least the past five years (and maybe closer to ten). Many of my friends and colleagues regretted their decisions to attend and … [Read more…]


I have wanted LASIK for a long time, especially as the astigmatism in my right eye developed to the point where I could only see clearly with my glasses if I looked out through a certain angle. (I also wanted it because I am beginning to have some issues with melasma, and I wanted the … [Read more…]


Not long after my last blog post about how I was planning to buy a house in 2018, the perfect house for me came on the market. I am scheduled to close on September 30th! I’m very grateful to my colleagues at the Access Board for referring me to Rick Carroll. I also worked with … [Read more…]

performing at Story District!

whiskey dick

I’m performing for the first time at Story District next Tuesday, September 13. You can buy tickets here for $15. Spoiler alert / trigger warning: my story is mostly about my menstrual cup. I would be really happy to see friends there! The other stories are pretty great too.

Young Souls bike ride!

Religion isn’t something that I really write about, and I think a lot of people who know me might be surprised to learn that I absolutely believe in an Abrahamic G-d. I’ve been interested in Unitarian Universalism since 9th grade, when I met my very dear friend, Katie Tyson, who was as true an embodiment … [Read more…]

home roasting!


My friend Tim told me that you can get really decent coffee roasts with a popcorn popper, so naturally I had to check this out. Here’s a good write-up from Sweet Maria’s on how to do it. Tim says that the key is to get one where the heating mechanism is on the bottom, so, … [Read more…]

The Collective: best conference ever


Post will be updated with more words. In the meantime, some photos. Conference started out strong. Plenary session involved making us play a selection of board games with total strangers: Went to a library improv session led by Jill Markgraf (@jillibrarian). The idea that “yes, and” can be the defining attitude in a reference interview … [Read more…]

notes from The Collective


I went down to Knoxville for The Collective conference this weekend, and I am so honored to have been among this particular group of presenters. This conference was an absolute highlight of my time in “traditional” libraries. The attendees at all the sessions I went to asked fantastic questions, and our presentation was no exception. … [Read more…]

how-to do a career workshop

resume review

I worked really hard doing this event and I’m writing out the various steps in the hopes that it will encourage students at my school to continue doing this. Last year, I learned about the GSA Lectures Fund while serving as the Treasurer for the Graduate Student Association at Catholic University. Because I didn’t have … [Read more…]