I have wanted LASIK for a long time, especially as the astigmatism in my right eye developed to the point where I could only see clearly with my glasses if I looked out through a certain angle. (I also wanted it because I am beginning to have some issues with melasma, and I wanted the … [Read more…]


Not long after my last blog post about how I was planning to buy a house in 2018, the perfect house for me came on the market. I am scheduled to close on September 30th! I’m very grateful to my colleagues at the Access Board for referring me to Rick Carroll. I also worked with … [Read more…]

performing at Story District!

whiskey dick

I’m performing for the first time at Story District next Tuesday, September 13. You can buy tickets here for $15. Spoiler alert / trigger warning: my story is mostly about my menstrual cup. I would be really happy to see friends there! The other stories are pretty great too.

Young Souls bike ride!

Religion isn’t something that I really write about, and I think a lot of people who know me might be surprised to learn that I absolutely believe in an Abrahamic G-d. I’ve been interested in Unitarian Universalism since 9th grade, when I met my very dear friend, Katie Tyson, who was as true an embodiment … [Read more…]

home roasting!


My friend Tim told me that you can get really decent coffee roasts with a popcorn popper, so naturally I had to check this out. Here’s a good write-up from Sweet Maria’s on how to do it. Tim says that the key is to get one where the heating mechanism is on the bottom, so, … [Read more…]

The Collective: best conference ever


Post will be updated with more words. In the meantime, some photos. Conference started out strong. Plenary session involved making us play a selection of board games with total strangers: Went to a library improv session led by Jill Markgraf (@jillibrarian). The idea that “yes, and” can be the defining attitude in a reference interview … [Read more…]

notes from The Collective


I went down to Knoxville for The Collective conference this weekend, and I am so honored to have been among this particular group of presenters. This conference was an absolute highlight of my time in “traditional” libraries. The attendees at all the sessions I went to asked fantastic questions, and our presentation was no exception. … [Read more…]

how-to do a career workshop

resume review

I worked really hard doing this event and I’m writing out the various steps in the hopes that it will encourage students at my school to continue doing this. Last year, I learned about the GSA Lectures Fund while serving as the Treasurer for the Graduate Student Association at Catholic University. Because I didn’t have … [Read more…]