Moving federal employees out of DC is a good thing (or, “why your intrepid heroine moved to the Midwest”)


I’ve been unhappy with the quality of reporting around the¬†relocation of two Department of Agriculture components (the Economic Research Service (ERS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)) to the Kansas City region. Local news is misreporting this as a headquarters move (it isn’t), and most national reporting is treating this as a Trojan … [Read more…]

info about rescuing cats

Dave and I discovered a feral cat colony near our house¬†we decided to trap, neuter, and return all the cats. When we started observing the colony, there were 7 cats (4 adults and 3 kittens). One adult and kitten have vanished (we have seen one of the kittens looking out the window of a nearby … [Read more…]

I rode my bike from Hyattsville to National Harbor

I think this is a water treatment plant or something

I had a work event at National Harbor and got fed up with the 2+ hours it takes to get there on public transit, and the fact that work wouldn’t reimburse me for cab or Uber fare because it’s considered “local travel.” I don’t totally understand this since I got mileage reimbursements when I worked … [Read more…]


I have wanted LASIK for a long time, especially as the astigmatism in my right eye developed to the point where I could only see clearly with my glasses if I looked out through a certain angle. (I also wanted it because I am beginning to have some issues with melasma, and I wanted the … [Read more…]

first post about homeownership

Everyone told me that it’s a lot of work to own a house, but I blew it off because I’ve been renting them and dealing with scheduling maintenance, etc on behalf of landlords for many years. “How bad could it be?” I thought. Well, no one explained that Daylight Savings Time means that you can’t … [Read more…]


Not long after my last blog post about how I was planning to buy a house in 2018, the perfect house for me came on the market. I am scheduled to close on September 30th! I’m very grateful to my colleagues at the Access Board for referring me to Rick Carroll. I also worked with … [Read more…]

DC Library Association’s Fall Reception – 9/15

dcla reception

Please join your local ALA chapter at Smith Public Trust this coming Thursday, 9/15 for an evening soiree with your favorite librarians. This is my first event as DCLA’s Membership Director and I would be very happy to welcome you next week.

performing at Story District!

whiskey dick

I’m performing for the first time at Story District next Tuesday, September 13. You can buy tickets here for $15. Spoiler alert / trigger warning: my story is mostly about my menstrual cup. I would be really happy to see friends there! The other stories are pretty great too.