Moving federal employees out of DC is a good thing (or, “why your intrepid heroine moved to the Midwest”)


I’ve been unhappy with the quality of reporting around the relocation of two Department of Agriculture components (the Economic Research Service (ERS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)) to the Kansas City region. Local news is misreporting this as a headquarters move (it isn’t), and most national reporting is treating this as a Trojan … [Read more…]

trip to Columbus, OH


I’ve written before about my interest in Unitarian Universalism. I was having some interpersonal issues at church that almost made me walk away from the congregation to avoid drama, but, decided to do a thing I sometimes do, where I put a question to the universe and try to listen for an answer. In this … [Read more…]

lighthouse, with papillon.


went to Stomping Ground for breakfast, and I couldn’t put my camera away for the rest of the day. the light made everything look so beautiful on my screen. and little esposito is so hard to capture…. I even took some halfway decent selfies….(note: my skin DID NOT LOOK THIS GOOD IRL) this is how … [Read more…]

Chicago was fun.

I’ve been feeling ambivalent about the Internet lately, and about the pressure I feel to maintain a presence on it. This post has been a long time coming because I feel like I have to acknowledge that this trip was rad because of the Internet, and I want to document how these tools enriched my … [Read more…]

the librarian’s dream New Year’s Eve

(Case in point: me, ca. 23:00, 12/31/2014)

Me: Soooo am I coming up to the city for NYE or are you coming to DC? KB: Dude. Work has been so stressful that I haven’t had a chance to think about my plans, let alone buy my ticket home. I wasn’t planning on coming back to New York for New Year’s Eve though. Me: Maybe we … [Read more…]

winter break recap

I had an awesome weekend to finish off my almost one-month “staycation,” a.k.a. winter break. Classes start Monday. I am looking forward to learning about digital humanities and thesaurus construction this term! Had a great time catching up with my friends and got to the movies for the first time in awhile: saw Frozen with … [Read more…]