I rode my bike from Hyattsville to National Harbor

I think this is a water treatment plant or something

I had a work event at National Harbor and got fed up with the 2+ hours it takes to get there on public transit, and the fact that work wouldn’t reimburse me for cab or Uber fare because it’s considered “local travel.” I don’t totally understand this since I got mileage reimbursements when I worked … [Read more…]

trip to Columbus, OH


I’ve written before about my interest in Unitarian Universalism. I was having some interpersonal issues at church that almost made me walk away from the congregation to avoid drama, but, decided to do a thing I sometimes do, where I put a question to the universe and try to listen for an answer. In this … [Read more…]


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.48.19 AM

If you’ve known me for any period of time, you know that I’m pretty evangelical about two things: bike commuting and reusable menstrual supplies. I decided a long time ago that those two things would be my causes, as in, the things I would actively try to convince my friends to adopt. So, of course … [Read more…]

October biking photos

I’ve fallen off the bike-commuting wagon a little bit (saddle issues, mostly) but here are the best pictures I took with my camera phone while riding in October, 2014, which was a great month for cycling in Virginia, DC and Maryland. Really love some of these. It was warm enough for my¬†Pearl Izumi 3/4 length … [Read more…]

riding on the Outer Banks


This was a great summer because I got to ride my bike on the coast in 2 states. So, now I can compare biking on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with biking on North Carolina’s Outer Banks! I went with some friends to Kitty Hawk for the 4th of July. There was a hurricane, it did not … [Read more…]

don’t bike westbound on Wilson Boulevard!


Two posts in one night is a little much, but I need to recap my terrible wreck before I post about my awesome bike tour this weekend. About a week after my birthday, I had a tremendously upsetting bike accident of the kind I only wish on seriously evil people. It turns out that Arlington … [Read more…]