At the urging of two friends in particular, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the Big Questions of what I want to do with my life, and here is the answer: write about cycling*. So, if I’m going to get free stuff to play with like The Lovely Bicycle does, I need to make a … [Read more…]

on breaking provenance

I got “called out” for advocating subject based groupings of archival materials in my MARAC presentation this weekend. Fortunately, a young historian made me aware that arranging by subject has “social justice implications.” So, I’m just going to say that at parties from now on since apparently talking about the “social justice implications” of our … [Read more…]

MARAC this week!

My awesome boss is letting me take the day off on Friday to present a paper at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference in Baltimore. I’m presenting in the student panel, Session 8, which is sadly during the same time as the new professionals panel. So I’ll be on sometime between 1:45-3:15. Before that, I will be … [Read more…]

riding on the Outer Banks


This was a great summer because I got to ride my bike on the coast in 2 states. So, now I can compare biking on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with biking on North Carolina’s Outer Banks! I went with some friends to Kitty Hawk for the 4th of July. There was a hurricane, it did not … [Read more…]

new jerb!

Last Friday was the DC Library Association’s annual awards banquet. It was also my biggest red letter day ever: I woke up excited about spending the evening with local librarians, and then I got two more pieces of awesome news. First, I got a wonderful job offer from the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System. … [Read more…]

Hooper’s Island bike tour


My boyfriend and I visited a friend on the Eastern Shore over Memorial Day. We had a really terrific time eating crabs, hanging out by the pool, and canoeing on the Choptank River. A few years ago my parents did some bike touring around Oxford, Maryland, so I decided to look into doing some myself. I want … [Read more…]

don’t bike westbound on Wilson Boulevard!


Two posts in one night is a little much, but I need to recap my terrible wreck before I post about my awesome bike tour this weekend. About a week after my birthday, I had a tremendously upsetting bike accident of the kind I only wish on seriously evil people. It turns out that Arlington … [Read more…]

you might be dating a librarian


if your girlfriend goads you into reorganizing your dresser according to this schema and she has never worked at Victoria’s Secret pro tip for all you mark-ass loons: this is how you organize some #shirts pic.twitter.com/UNwX9QQ7bY — Aaron (@Malgs) May 4, 2014

you know you’re a librarian when…

I stumbled on the May 2013 Elle profile of Kim Gordon via Jezebel’s post about Thurston accusing them of “gender facism” (LOLOL). Here’s what stood out to me: “We have all these books, records, and art and are getting it all assessed; that’s what is taking so long,” [Gordon] says after ordering a glass of … [Read more…]