3 art galleries


On this trip, I went to 3 art galleries: the Pitti Palace and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the Borghese Gallery in Rome. Of the 3, the Borghese was hands-down the most memorable experience. The collection was much smaller, and for some reason seemed to have more Carravaggio paintings, which I was all about (the … [Read more…]

Medici Archive Project

outside of building

We visited the Medici Archive Project in Florence. A few odd things stuck out about this: first, they made some comments about Netscape (I can’t possibly have heard correctly that some of their features only work with legacy browsers — someone please correct me), it’s funded by the Mellon Foundation (which reminded a few of … [Read more…]

Galileo and Pope Francis!

papal mass

Action-packed day today: the Visions of Italy crew rolled into the Uffizi Gallery at 8:30 to try to miss peak lines. Keegan and I decided to try to get into the library at the Galileo Museum (which is awesome, see previous post here). In a stroke of luck, we rode in the elevator with an … [Read more…]

Seven Church Walk

A 1599 map illustrating Rome's 7 Pilgrim Churches [source: Wikipedia]

As part of her Eat, Pray, Library project, our friend Heather suggested that we attempt to walk the “Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome.” There is definitely some papal connection to the basilicas featured on this walk, as we saw Il Papa himself, not a week later, at St. John Lateran followed by a procession to … [Read more…]

Galileo Museum, Florence


Loved, loved, LOVED the Galileo Museum. Of the museums we went to, this was the only one with a lot of interpretative stuff the way we might see it in a US museum. The museum is split into different areas of scientific research promoted by the Medici, roughly chronologically, with commentary about how the Medici’s … [Read more…]

travels in Trastavere


Today I set out with my classmates Keegan and Valerie to the Trastavere market. There was a lot to see there! (post forthcoming on my new travel blog) On this trip, we’ve stopped at quite a few churches. I’m sure that a lot of the things we’ve seen look similar because we don’t have the … [Read more…]

Vatican Library tour

reading room

We had the great privilege of visiting the Vatican Library.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but here’s one of the reading room the New York Times dug up from the Vatican’s website:   I wasn’t really sure what to make of this library. I think this tweet pretty much says it all: #tbt to … [Read more…]

Vatican “Secret Archives”

vatican archives group shot

We went to the Vatican Secret Archives. I tweeted about it: 70 MILES of documents in the #vaticanarchives – it took an archivist 20 YEARS and 800,000 index cards to create the sole index! — Anita Kinney (@Anitalifedotcom) May 26, 2015 Love that Italian archivists measure collections in kilometers rather than linear feet! #CUArome @CUA_LIS … [Read more…]

Arrived in Rome!


I’m in Rome with Dr. Chancellor & co. We’re staying in a house of student priests somewhere between the Coliseum and St. Peter’s. Heather and I got the coolest room – an apartment, up a spiral staircase from the rooftop. Father Luke gave us a warm welcome and told us a bit about the history … [Read more…]

the end of another semester!

Wow, the end of the term is coming down on me like a freight train, with all the associated weight and metaphors. I’m finishing up my last few projects for the awesome Graduate Student Association, and feeling really guilty that I took on more than I could realistically handle this past year. Looking back, I … [Read more…]