upcoming presentation – 1/31 at Catholic University

On January 31st, Dave Shumaker and I will be giving a talk on MOOCs and academic libraries at the annual CUA Library and Information Science Symposium.  Our abstract: At its core, embedded librarianship means superseding the traditional, standalone, transactional model of library service with information and knowledge services that are integrated into the curriculum and founded on … [Read more…]


I went to my first Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting this week. I enjoyed the Library and Information Science committee meeting (like the SLA tranlib listserv, but in real life!). I was sad to learn that I could not join the transportation librarianship TRB committee until I finish my MLS, but evidently I can join … [Read more…]

winter break recap

I had an awesome weekend to finish off my almost one-month “staycation,” a.k.a. winter break. Classes start Monday. I am looking forward to learning about digital humanities and thesaurus construction this term! Had a great time catching up with my friends and got to the movies for the first time in awhile: saw Frozen with … [Read more…]