Young Souls bike ride!

Religion isn’t something that I really write about, and I think a lot of people who know me might be surprised to learn that I absolutely believe in an Abrahamic G-d. I’ve been interested in Unitarian Universalism since 9th grade, when I met my very dear friend, Katie Tyson, who was as true an embodiment of the religion as you will ever find. That interest isn’t something I’ve ever felt compelled to follow through on since my primary attraction and affinity ultimately lies within Judaism, but somehow life (read: a Berlin Wall anniversary celebration in 2014 that I went to with my friend Kim) led me to a few folks who are somewhat active at All Souls Unitarian and with the Young Souls (18-35) group there.

They seemed like a crew that would appreciate a good bike ride, so I put one together based on my route to the Marine Mammal Commission’s offices in Bethesda, where I’m an independent contractor providing library services (I ride up there on my alternate work schedule day – like a lot of federal employees, I work 9-hour days and take one Friday off each 2-week pay period).

WABA was kind enough to lend us their Community Organizer for the ride when I reached out to them during their Metropolitan Branch Trail coffee outreach on #wmatabikepool day…

Obligatory photos:

Here’s our route (will be perfecting this and hopefully putting together a little series of rides like these for other people to pick up…has screenshots from my Strava, eventually will add in links to Strava segments; this is a little more useful to me than a more basic cue sheet)

And, the Facebook event page, for posterity.

Next month I will try to lead us out to Old Town and Mount Vernon (probably take bikes on Metro from the church to shave some miles off). I’m also considering a ride up to Hyattsville (lunch at Franklin’s, post-lunch coffee at Vigilante) and Mount Rainier (Glut and Island Style!), and putting an EOTR tour together showcasing some of the exciting businesses and development that way….

Also, I’m hosting the Young Souls potluck at my house Friday. Come on over.

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