Galileo Museum, Florence


Loved, loved, LOVED the Galileo Museum. Of the museums we went to, this was the only one with a lot of interpretative stuff the way we might see it in a US museum. The museum is split into different areas of scientific research promoted by the Medici, roughly chronologically, with commentary about how the Medici’s … [Read more…]

travels in Trastavere


Today I set out with my classmates Keegan and Valerie to the Trastavere market. There was a lot to see there! (post forthcoming on my new travel blog) On this trip, we’ve stopped at quite a few churches. I’m sure that a lot of the things we’ve seen look similar because we don’t have the … [Read more…]

Vatican Library tour

reading room

We had the great privilege of visiting the Vatican Library. ¬†We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but here’s one of the reading room the New York Times dug up from the Vatican’s website:   I wasn’t really sure what to make of this library. I think this tweet pretty much says it all: #tbt to … [Read more…]

Chicago was fun.

I’ve been feeling ambivalent about the Internet lately, and about the pressure I feel to maintain a presence on it. This post has been a long time coming because I feel like I have to acknowledge that this trip was rad because of the Internet, and I want to document how these tools enriched my … [Read more…]

Vatican “Secret Archives”

vatican archives group shot

We went to the Vatican Secret Archives. I tweeted about it: 70 MILES of documents in the #vaticanarchives – it took an archivist 20 YEARS and 800,000 index cards to create the sole index! — Anita Kinney (@Anitalifedotcom) May 26, 2015 Love that Italian archivists measure collections in kilometers rather than linear feet! #CUArome @CUA_LIS … [Read more…]

Arrived in Rome!


I’m in Rome with Dr. Chancellor & co. We’re staying in a house of student priests somewhere between the Coliseum and St. Peter’s. Heather and I got the coolest room – an apartment, up a spiral staircase from the rooftop. Father Luke gave us a warm welcome and told us a bit about the history … [Read more…]

current projects

In addition to my 2 upcoming ALA presentations (apologies to my co-authors for getting a late start on some of my deliverables) and my incomplete library school class (thanks for the extension, Dr. Kules!), I have a few other things going on that I wanted to throw up here in case anyone wants to collaborate … [Read more…]

the end of another semester!

Wow, the end of the term is coming down on me like a freight train, with all the associated weight and metaphors. I’m finishing up my last few projects for the awesome Graduate Student Association, and feeling really guilty that I took on more than I could realistically handle this past year. Looking back, I … [Read more…]

My first ALA panel!

I’m so excited to announce that ALA’s Conference Programming Coordinating Team has agreed to sponsor a panel I proposed for the Annual Meeting. I’ve been really freaked out about this whole anti-vaccination movement for a few years now (sooo glad I don’t live in Oregon anymore, whoa) and what’s really struck me is that this … [Read more…]

IMLS grantwriting workshop by DCLA

A few weeks ago I went to an awesome training on grant opportunities through the Institute of Museum and Library Services sponsored by my local ALA chapter. Our president, Christina Bailey, asked me to write a few words about the event for our newsletter. I’m not sure how it will get edited but I want … [Read more…]