you know you’re a librarian when…

I stumbled on the May 2013 Elle profile of Kim Gordon via Jezebel’s post about Thurston accusing them of “gender facism” (LOLOL). Here’s what stood out to me:

“We have all these books, records, and art and are getting it all assessed; that’s what is taking so long,” [Gordon] says after ordering a glass of rosé.

I was besieged by visions of What Might Have Been. I described their record collection to my boyfriend shortly after reading this as “historically significant” – I’m sure that’s true, and I wonder what kind of art collection they had, too.

I wonder how many personal collections of great interest are lost when households dissolve like this. What would Kim & Thurston’s legacy as a couple had Thurston been a decent human being? Would that collection have been donated to a library or museum?

What a staggering loss.

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