The Collective: best conference ever

Post will be updated with more words. In the meantime, some photos.

Conference started out strong. Plenary session involved making us play a selection of board games with total strangers:

Went to a library improv session led by Jill Markgraf (@jillibrarian). The idea that “yes, and” can be the defining attitude in a reference interview is really catching on, and going to this has me really excited for AGLISS’s workshop on March 22 with the Washington Improv Theater!

(Yeah, Jill and the session were exactly as fun as they looked.)

Then, we drove to the Smokey Mountains. We had lunch at a great, cheap Mexican place off the highway called Habanero’s, saw a giant ice cream cone advertising a diner that served even bigger hamburgers, and made a bunch of new friends at the Antique Mall outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee:

Then, we were in the mountains!

It was snowing, but we got to pull over at a few lovely overlooks. We wound up taking the Cades Cove route through the valley, which had a lot of preserved buildings. Didn’t get a lot of photos of those, but the road was really fun to drive – super twisty, rather like a theme park ride.

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