goals for 2016

I’m hitting the ground running. My term on the SLA Government Information Division board begins January 1. I’m having a house party January 2nd. On January 16, I’m doing a career workshop at CUA. The weekend of January 22 is our book sale at the Mount Pleasant Library!

On February 12th, I’m moderating a panel about federal libraries using SharePoint for knowledge and project management at Catholic University at 1:45pm. DCLA is hosting a “Bibliodiscotheque” event at the Black Cat on February 9 (thanks, Elaine and the Free Library of Philadelphia, for the terrific idea, and Bobbie for using your connections to make it happen).

In March, I’ll be presenting at The Collective in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I turn 28 in April (house party #2).

In June, I’ll be attending SLA in Philadelphia. If airfare is cheap enough, I’ll go to Orlando, too.

I think I’m going to bow out of presenting at ALSC in Charlotte in September because I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

I’m interested in the Library Assessment Conference in Crystal City in October, but not sure whether I’ll have a proposal in by February 1.

I have some goals for this year. I’ll leave them here so I can check in with myself next year:

– Pass one part of the CRM exam (I was shooting for 2, but it looks like my interlibrary loan requests for preparatory material won’t get here before the February administration dates).
– Take the LSAT.
– Apply to law school.
– Get on a TRB committee.
– Plan at least 2 programs for the Government Information Division.

– Learn how to steam or iron clothes.
– Organize my bookshelf and personal paperwork (warranties, etc)
– Make 2 infused drinks (last year I made apple shrubs, this year I’d like to make more tasty alcoholic things)
– Learn how to make croissants or challah
– Bake 3 pies.
– Moped maintenance: I’d like to learn how to change the oil, replace the busted lights myself, and see whether I can have a larger rack installed to accommodate the awesome panniers I bought in Amsterdam.
– Fix the non-working string on my pre-lit Christmas tree.
– Start pressure-canning beans, chili, and various sauces. I think this will help in a big way with my food costs and eating habits.
– Make chicken stock
– Reorganize my laundry room so that all of my Christmas decorations and any other things currently stored in my mom’s storage unit will fit inside of it.

– Go to yoga twice a week.
– Ride my bike to work three times a week and resolve any fit or saddle issues preventing me from taking longer rides.
– Work with a personal trainer to get a weight-lifting routine that I can do twice a week at the gym next to my office.

– Take at least one trip that isn’t for a library conference.
– Throw at least 30 clay objects on the potter’s wheel.
– Complete an art project that involves a blowtorch or welding.
– Take more pictures.
– Go camping twice.
– Publish an article in a magazine or scholarly journal.
– Read Moby Dick.

Personal goals:
– Return everything I borrow, or have borrowed in the recent past, to its rightful owner.
– Host at least 2 more house parties, NOT including my birthday.
– Get involved in a religious community.
– I am volunteering as a low-income tax preparer at Centro Nia on Saturday afternoons from February to May! I forgot to include this as a goal since I took steps last year to action this. I can’t wait.
– Don’t half-ass anything, ever.
– Stop waiting until the last minute.
– Cut lame people out of my life more quickly.

Purchases I’d like to make in the next 12 months:
– a second flatiron for my hair, so I can have one in the office
– a vacuum sealer
– a blender
– better pillows
– a mattress topper
– better clothes hangers
– high-quality foundation (maybe Chanel)
– warmer gloves for cycling through the winter
– a pair of black skinny jeans that I really like
– a professional-looking handbag that won’t fall apart after 3 months

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