an overdue update — feng shui, Story District

Hey, blog readers who don’t talk to me on a regular basis (and stalkers, hi, Maggie and all my exes who check up on me, I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves), I’ve been quiet here because I’ve been out in the world, or something. I’m working on establishing routines for writing and introspection, but the days seem to slip away as I read Graham Greene novels and doze by the pool. (If I still feel an intense spiritual connection to Graham Greene and Brideshead Revisited is still my very favorite book, does that mean that I am still Catholic?)

The big news is that my job has changed a bit – I am getting a promotion and a title change in just a few weeks – and I’ve been putting my head down prepping for the Certified Records Manager examinations. I’m also going to be getting very serious, very soon, about studying for the LSAT.

I’ve basically stopped looking on the housing front – I’m still really interested in buying in Mt. Rainier but I’ve decided to wait until 2018 in light of the pay increases coming my way. Speaking of home, someone very close to me is about to start chemotherapy, so I’ve been doing a lot of tidying up around the house. This has led to an interest in feng shui on top of my interest in organizing strategies specifically for people with ADHD, which has been an interesting detour for me. It’s funny how much of this stuff I was doing subconsciously. I’ve been picking up books on the subject as they pass through the used book sale at the Mount Pleasant Library, where I’m still volunteering with the Friends group, this year, as their Treasurer.

I’ve been in physical therapy for some months for a few issues, which has put a real dent in my bank account, but I seem to be turning the corner on that stuff and am seeing some real power gains in my cycling. I hope to start running again very soon.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to the DC Library Association’s leadership retreat. I’m beginning a 2-year term as the Membership Director. For those of you who have been asking, YES, we will have another Bibliodiscotheque, very soon. I’m still planning a SharePoint webinar series this fall through SLA’s Government Information Division, so stay tuned on that front as well.

I’ve also been planning my ten-year (!) high school reunion, which will be Thanksgiving weekend. I feel really good about this event, and am thrilled to be working with a very talented group of people on it.

So, everything is great, silence, in this case, indicates a profound happiness, and I’m looking forward to continuing to stick close to home over the next several months (well, except for a weekend trip to Charlottesville for a bachelorette party, and a trip to Flint, Michigan, dates and duration TBD) as I build a comfortable space that supports our household’s health and life goals.

Oh, and I’ll be performing at Story District in September. That’s my news. I guess I’ve been writing more than I thought! Hope some of you might be able to attend the show. <3

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