party photos!

One of my new year’s resolutions is to THROW MORE PARTIES (and, to update my blog more, OBVIOUSLY).

A semi-related resolution: DOCUMENTING MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS. It kind of hurts that I don’t have photos of a lot of the stuff I’ve done (things that come to mind: most of my church programs, reorganizing ex-boyfriend’s bedrooms, reorganizing supply closets at work, my parent’s yard, and our fantastic resume review event last year). Fortunately, I’ve made a new friend who is also a very talented photographer.

Alise says that parties are exciting because you never know what’s going to happen, and I couldn’t agree more. We all need more mysteries in our lives, and what better than a mystery that is GUARANTEED TO BE SUPER FUN?

I love having parties, especially when there’s an opportunity to support a local business, and especially when my goal to support a local business also coincides with my interest in drinking beer. My roommate and good friend John has worked at Franklin’s, a great restaurant in Hyattsville, for awhile, and manages the awesome beer selection at the store next door. This time, we had a keg of their Rubber Chicken Red and one of their Batch 800 English pale ale.

Had just the best time, all-around, and was very happy to have our awesome Party Dog, Harley, in the house.

Photos by Benny Johnson.

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