our favorite bars in Monti (so far)

Faithful readers,

We are slowly getting our bearings in Rome. It helps that we are in a terrific location. I wanted to share with you all 2 bars in Rome’s Monti neighborhood, both on Via Zingari (rhymes with Hungary – the Romans seemingly have no phoenetic imagination – I had a great time today asking for “Fontana Trevi” and getting blank looks because I said the “e” in Trevi like an American. I just kept repeating it until they said, “ah, Fontana Trevi,” now I understand why people just repeat things over and over in English when faced with a foreign language speaker!).

First, Cafe Bohemien. Cocktails are €7. I like this exchange rate, and also traveling from DC makes everything seem cheap. I think the books on the shelves must be for sale – not sure I saw any in English, though. This bar has wifi which is something of a rarity, and the reason we keep coming back – the internet at the dormitory is rather unreliable.

Next, Libro Divino, right next door. You can tell from the logo that this is a bar a librarian would like:

Libro Divino's logo

Libro Divino’s logo

Photos of the interior:DSCN0185



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