One-pot salmon with broccoli and peppers

A busy weekend (my first time doing volunteer tax prep! Was super busy and chaotic but I’m pretty sure I got these returns done without messing up anyone’s life. And, the library book sale! Plus, DJ training for BIBLIODISCOTHEQUE!) capped off by a great meal with my friend Rachel.

I buy salmon that’s frozen in individual portions from Costco. I think they’re 15 for about $22, and the little filets are not insubstantial – about 3×5″, so just one can actually yield some leftovers.

I put jasmine rice (2:1 rice to water ratio) into my rice cooker. After the rice was cooking, I coated the salmon fillets (I made 2) with olive oil, basil, lemon pepper, garlic powder, and lemon juice. I put enough water into the pressure cooker to cover the bottom of the pan but remain below the trivet, placed the fish directly on the trivet, then placed a whole head of broccoli (no need to cut it up, just pull off the leaves) and a sliced bell pepper (would have added a second pepper) on top of the fish. Lit the stove, let the cooker come to pressure, and had it remain at pressure for about 10 minutes. I let the pressure drop on the stovetop (no quick release) and it came down at about the same time the rice was done.

Rachel put some salt on her fish (I don’t cook with salt in the pressure cooker because I find that a little seasoning goes a long way, and that it generally works to season to taste when the dish is served) and some butter on her broccoli, but I enjoyed mine without that stuff. I think putting wine in the bottom would also help but I’ve had trouble with scalding since I started using the cooker on a gas range rather than an electric stovetop. I want to note to cut the peppers larger than you might otherwise so that they don’t fall between the holes of the trivet – I had very little loss this time.

I’m going to try to get a few more “one-pot” recipes down. Rice cooker cleanup is easy because the pan is nonstick, and the pressure cooker cleaned up easily from this too. It was really good! I guess the total prep time is the amount of time it takes for my rice cooker to run a white rice cycle, which I’ve never actually timed.

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