FAQ for people who are considering hiring me as an LSAT tutor

If you’ve found this post, you’ve likely read my writing about the LSAT and law school admissions elsewhere. You may also have found my profile on a listing website for independent tutors. (If you’ve managed to track me down, you’ve probably figured out that I offer significant discounts for booking with me outside of that website’s ecosystem.)

Are you taking students?

I’m taking new students on a case-by-case basis. At this time I can only work with students who are taking the LSAT in February 2021. I do not teach logic games. I will only take students who I truly believe can achieve their desired score by working with me between now and February. I will stop teaching on February 21, 2021 and will accept new students again in late May 2021.

How much do you charge?

I charge $100/hr for logical reasoning and $150/hr for reading comprehension.

I charge $50/hr for an initial hour-long consultation. People who are very close to achieving 170 and who are stumped by a few of the trickier logical reasoning and reading comprehension questions often only need 1-2 sessions. There is a reason I charge a lot and do not do free consultations; it’s because people don’t stay with me for very long and because I give away the store during the first session. We discuss your goals, your work so far, what is holding you back, and chart a course forward. We also review your past work on logical reasoning. Bring 5-10 questions that stumped you, or, I can tell you exactly what section to take.

How long are your appointments?

Usually it takes an hour to go through a reading comprehension section and it takes half an hour to go through a logical reasoning section. For best results we should work together at least twice a week until you are regularly testing in the 170s. You should also take two full practice tests/week and review them with Van Tran or Kerry Monroe. They charge $80/hr and work with my students on logic games. I think it can be useful to have a different perspective on the other section as well. We have a mutual referral network and no one’s feelings will be hurt if you switch between tutors, particularly since I charge more than they do.

What if I can’t afford you?

I can sometimes work with students at discounted rates but can’t discuss this possibility outside of the initial consultation. If you really can’t afford $50, send me a message on the site where you found me and I’ll try to chat you back. I also let some people list on my website at more affordable rates. You can see them through the booking page. I know money is an issue which is why I hang out on message boards and have a newsletter and write a blog with advice. I’m working on funding for a scholarship program. Check back for updates.

Do you do applications consulting?

I think only people who have served on law school admissions committees are qualified to do law school admissions “consulting.” I don’t have time to help people with the whole process but I have a very talented friend who I recommend highly. She charges ~$500 for a full package which is very competitive.

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